Monday, March 29, 2010

Organizer Addiction

Organizer Addiction.  It's a real thing and I suffer from it!  Calendars, planners, chore charts, office supplies... you name it and I probably have it.  I have no less than six organizer systems that have fallen by the wayside in the past year piled in my closet at the moment and the sad thing is, until recently, I would have been running right out and buying another one.

Of course that isn't my only confession. I also have the not so small problem that I am a terrible housekeeper.  It just ranks so low on my internal to-do list that I am always putting it off.  Time to do laundry? Nah, I'll get to it tomorrow.  Carpet needs to be vacuumed? Blech, I'm busy doing something else "more important".  House needs to be dusted?  Why? I can't write my name in it yet.    Have I mentioned that I can be a bit of a procrastinator as well (when I get around to it, that is). I have tried Flylady (great idea but didn't work for my brainwave pattern), I have tried Sidetracked Home Executives (same), I have tried doing it on my own (that obviously wasn't working), and I've tried simply not doing it at all (that only worked until I opened my eyes in the morning).

That all changed in January though. Well, maybe it didn't ALL change overnight or even over the past few months but it IS getting better and more importantly, I've stopped feeling so stressed about it.  I owe it all to this cheap (and mean that in the BEST possible way!) little e-planner from Motivated Moms. It cost me all of $8 and was worth 10x that to me! I purchased the Half Size Chore Planner without the Bible Reading (not my style) and love it!

I also have a little bit of a list problem - I love writing lists, I love reading lists....I NEED lists. This planner combines my need for organization, my need for a little assistance in the housekeeping department (ok a lot of assistance), and my love of lists and bundles them up in a very useful design. I can print out two weeks on one sheet of printer paper and all I have to do is just check things off as I go - I don't have to think about what needs to be done!  It just works for me.

And.... they're homeschoolers too!  I didn't realize that until after I purchased the planner but it certainly was a nice bonus. I always try to support other homeschoolers when I can.  Just to be clear - I have absolutely no connection with Motivated Moms other than that of a very satisfied customer.

I just thought I'd share this find with all of the other housekeeping deficient, procrastinating, organizer/list addicts out there.  There are others out there right?


  1. Nice! I've been pondering ordering that exact thing from them for a while now actually. (half size, no bible verses) I'm guessing you got the week to a page one? I was thinking the day to a page, so I could use it as a hs journal to keep notes as to what the boys did each day. Might have to go drool over it some more lol

  2. Thanks for the link and review. As much as I would love to have one, I just never (no exaggeration there!) follow through with using it. I haven't been able to but I love to have them and I love the idea of being able to use one.
    The one that you got looks very simple though. Complete and could be worth a shot for me... Hmmm, perhaps if you use it a bit longer and let me know how it's still working for you :)
    Btw, I noticed on one of your reviews that you said you write the revies simply because you are voicing how you feel about them...that is great! It helps others see pros/cons of items/products. :)

  3. I did order the week to a page version, mostly because it takes less paper/ink to print out. I printed out the whole year, slid it into a plastic page protector, and hung it on my refrigerator. I mark things off as I do them with a dry erase marker and at the end of 2 weeks I just move it the back of the protector and start over again.

  4. Blossom,
    I felt the same way until I found this particular one. There are different strokes for different folks but it works for me... so far. I will say that it has been working pretty well these past few months and I'm still going strong - which in and of itself is impressive!



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