Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Early Teacher Appreciation

For years I have sent little gifts and thank you cards to school with M. during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Until this year when we started to homeschooling.  To be honest it was such a relief not to have to worry about birthdays, class parties, goody bags, teacher presents etc. that it never occurred to me that I now qualify as the teacher.

Until I came home the other day and found this on the island in our kitchen:

I'll admit it... there were tears.  What can I say - inside I'm just a big ole' softy.  It didn't hurt that it was filled with chocolate either.

So, Happy Early Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you!


  1. How sweet! Good for you...and those who thought of you :)

  2. I was very touched and my boys (Hubby & son both) are definitely keepers!

  3. Ok that is SO stinkin' sweet! Very well done to the 'men' for doing that :D



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