Thursday, April 1, 2010

Secular Thursday - Tough Decisions

Our local area doesn't have much in the way of online homeschool support. At least I haven't been able to find any way to connect with other parents in the area in the past year. So I've been revving up to take matters into my own hands and start an online group. It's nothing I haven't done before for other subjects. It certainly isn't overly exciting but I was immediately faced with a very tough decision.

Inclusive or Secular only?

I hadn't even taken the first step and I was already stymied.

I came up with a long list of pros and cons for each direction and finally, after much deliberation, decided to go for a combination of the two.  I'm calling it militantly inclusive... at least in my head that's what I'm calling  it. 

First there is the Inclusive portion of our show:
It's based on the fact that the few homeschoolers in my town that I have met have been great people, who just so happen to be faithbased homeschoolers. I would no sooner discriminate against someone because of their choices than I'd want them to exclude us for the same reason. I am trying to show M.(and myself) that you have to practice what you preach - so to speak. Of course, I have come across religious homeschoolers that make me want to tear my hair out due to talking about their beliefs all the time but truth be told, I've come across a few secular  homeschoolers that didn't blow my skirts up either.

Second is the Militant section:
It's based on the fact I have joined groups in the past that claimed to be inclusive but that fell far short of the mark in my eyes. Instead of a faithbased homeschooling group including secular homeschoolers or vice versa - I'm being very upfront about the fact that you can behave respectfully or hit the road, regardless of your beliefs.

Thus.... Hood County Homeschoolers was created.  

The most difficult part of this for me is the fact that it is an issue at all. It just seems like there are so many forces against homeschoolers already that we should be past dividing ourselves even more.


  1. Way to go :D If all else fails start your own eh! I hope it takes off well for you.

  2. Very good! I had recently come across a "Christian" homeschool group that I thought I would like to join. Being what I would call Christian (who cares what others may call me...), I thought it would be good to be with others of 'like mind'. Long story short, I decided NOT to join their group because they excluded those that were not Christian. That was just weird to me.
    We are (how do you italicize??) homeschoolers. We have the same goal: educate our children. Our religious views should not alienate us from association with other homeschoolers. Yet it has.

  3. Let me know if you would like it added to the site list!

  4. Thank you guys for the support!

    Topsy, I will send you a link - thanks for the offer!

    I am going into this with high hopes and realistic expectations. We'll see how it all goes.



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